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Fire alarm installation

We are specialists in fire alarm design, installation and maintenance and supply a wide range of high quality, reliable products that will suit every premises and every budget.

We will carry out fire risk assessments at your business premises and then provide you with expert advice on the fire equipment you require in order to comply with British safety standards. We can offer support and guidance in choosing fire alarms from our extensive range that includes specialist alarms to help you safeguard your staff and premises and prevent fire from spreading.

We supply basic, conventional fire alarm systems, which are suited to every budget and are proven to be effective in protecting your property, as well as analogue addressable systems, which indicate which room a fire has broken out in, useful for premises with a large number of rooms, such as hotels, schools and shopping centres. Analogue addressable systems can signal when a detector requires cleaning, to help keep false alarms to a minimum.

We can also supply wireless radio fire alarms, which can be fitted quickly with minimal disruption. These are ideal where the installation of cable is not an option.

We also provide fixed fire suppression systems installation and maintenance, and firetrace systems.

Fixed fire suppression systems are particularly useful for computer suites and control rooms, or small areas where there is an increased fire risk due to a large amount of equipment. The fixed fire suppression system works by releasing a gas, when activated, to render the protected area inert.

Firetrace systems work by automatically discharging a fire extinguisher so a fire can be instantly put out at source, providing further protection to valuable items and property.

We can also supply, install and maintain air-sampling smoke detectors, bringing you extra peace of mind and an additional safeguard for particularly expensive pieces of equipment.

We can also offer emergency lighting design, installation and maintenance, fire and safety signage and fire doors repair and replacements, as well as offering a fire hose reel supply and repair service and supplying dry riser and fire hydrant parts.

We work efficiently and with the minimum of disruption to you, and where possible we will work around your company so business can continue as normal.

We promise to deliver only the highest quality workmanship when carrying out fire alarm installation, to bring you assurance that your business premises are safeguarded against fire and fully compliant with legal standards.

We carry out fire alarm installation for clients from across Wales as well as Shropshire and the West Midlands.